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Tease Tickle Christina Carter

Bound and struggling fetish supermodel looks stunning in her cut out cat suit that shows the best parts. I tease and tickle her as I tie her in a sitting spread eagle. Watching her squirm and fight is a total turn on.


Bedroom Masturbation

Busty brunette Christina Carter masturbates with a vibrator right before turning in for the night.

Christina Carter Crotchrope

Christina Crotchroped

After cumming many times, bondage superstar Christina Carter’s pussy is on fire because her sensitive pussy is being split in two by a crotchrope that is so tight that is lifts her ass off the mattress. Christina suffers with all her weight crushing her clit.

Christina Carter

Hanging Hitachi For Christina Carter

Bondage legend Christina Carter is bound spread eagle in her bra and panties. A red ball gag quiets her sexy moans. She struggles and grinds her pussy against the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand that hangs between her tan and toned legs. This predicament makes her journey to orgasm painfully slow. A delicious torment

Wax Dildo BDSM

Waxed and Dildo Fucked

Bondage legend Christina Carter begs to be tied up and spread wide. She wants to be fucked. She wants to be waxed. She wanted to be fucked in the ass. She wants to be made to cum over and over again while helpless. That is what makes her the bondage supermodel that she is. She enjoyed the fucking I gave her the previous year so much that she begged for the same treatment.

Christina Carter Bondage

Christina Carter Dildo Fuck

Bondage legend Christina Carter is helplessly bound in vet wrap, gagged, fucked with a vibrator, waxed, fucked with a dildo, waxed more, vibrated, fucked with dildos again. She couldn’t get enough even if she could escape. Scene from a private play session as we both started our careers.


Christina Carter Frogtied

Busty bondage superstar Christina Carter is bound in a frog tie wearing sexy lingerie and high heels. Drool drips from her red ball gag as she is flogged. Her blue eyes close tight as the Hitachi Magic wand makes her cum hard.


Whipping Christina Carter

Intimate BDSM play session with fetish superstar Christina Carter. nude. bound standing spread eagle. this is a playful and intense bondage and whipping session that has her dripping wet and eventually cumming from my fingers working her dripping pussy. this is one of the most intense flogging sessions she has ever had in her entire fetish career and not to be missed


Christina Carter Whips Kordelia Devonshire

Busty Kordelia Devonshire is bound in a standing X. nude. gagged. flogged by none other than Christina Carter. she uses a soft flogger, whipping her tits and pussy. I take a hard flogger and whip the blonde’s back and ass while Christina whips her pussy in an effort to make her cum from flogging.


Christina Tickles Kordelia

Bondage and Fetish Star Christina Carter is turned loose on a nude and bound Blonde. Christina, licks, nibbles, and tickles the busty Kordelia. Silk runs over her nipples and through her shaved pussy. The scene ends with some hard tickling and Kordelia bites hard into her bit gag

Christina Carter Teases Kordelia Devonshire