Nude Inversion

Wenona demonstrates her inversion table for me. Yes, she loves to be around her house in the nude and I do not mind one bit.


Sabrina Stretches Her Tied Nipples

Sabrina Fox has her hypersensitive nipples tied to her very ticklish toes. She stretches her nipples as her feet are tickled and it does not take long for the lanky sexy redhead to agree to anything I want. What I want is to make her cum hard after making her suffer.


Blindfolded Bondage Orgasms

Fayth is bound tightly to the pole in leather, riding the hitachi. The leather armbinder is inescapable. The blindfold keeps makes her focus on the vibrations. I crop her and whip her in between orgasms. I leave her there until I am satisfied and I am taking my time.


Sabrina Fox Tease Tickle

Tall redhead model tied, sensually tickled, and given an orgasm.



Tied Nipples. Crotchrope. Ball gag. Fayth balances on her knees, the heels of her boots strapped to her thighs. Eyes rolling as she struggles to keep her balance, pulling her nipple piercings in two directions as the pussy rope grinds her skimpy panties against her swollen clit. The hitachi makes her cum once again and she is left to balance for how long?


Her Pussy Drools

Fit model Dee Jay is so turned on from being tied and having her nipples teased that her pussy drools to the floor as she grinds her toned tight ass against my cock. Nipple teasing and sensual tickling becomes orgasm play becomes after orgasm tickling. One of my favorite personal sessions ever with a perfectly sculpted athletic body.


Try Not To Cum

Fayth On Fire gets wet the second her hair is pulled and ropes touch her body. By the Time I have her bound on her knees her panties are soaked. When I tell her that she is in for extremely painful bondage after she cums, she tries hard and fights the Hitachi. Even she knows the end result like we all do. I always love her expressions and reactions.


Blonde Tied Tickled To Orgasm

Aiyana uses the Hitachi on bound and gagged Bella Ink and tickles her after she cums. I take the Hitachi and hold the camera POV style, giving Bella multiple orgasms as my redhead assistant tickle torments the blonde with the best reactions ever.


Panty Gagged Pussy Tickled

Violet is gagged with her own panties by Aiyana which makes for cute and sexy sounds as Aiyana tickles her pussy with feathers.


Nyssa’s Painful Orgasms

Asian Nyssa Nevers is inescapably bound to my frame in rope. Gagged tight, first with mouth packing and tape and then a huge black ball gag, allowing drool to merge with sweat on her breasts. Tears form in her eyes as she pink hyper sensitive clit rests on the Hitachi. Every orgasms becomes more painful and tears form in her eyes as she screams. The dances she does to try to escape the vibrations make this one of the best orgasm bar predicament videos I have ever shot.