Tied By Her Nipples

Yoga Instructor is bound standing for my pleasure, kept standing in place only by her large nipples tied with thin string and pulled above her. She goes on tip toes to ease the stretching. She is helpless to stop her captor as he approaches with the hitachi.

Sister bondage

One Tortured While One Cums

Two college age girls are tied up on the creepy old man’s bed. One has the Hitachi strapped to her, the other is tickled and whipped until the first girl cums.

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One Sister Tickled While The Other Cums

Lyn has multiple orgasms while her sister Ashlynn is tickled. Two young girls tied and tormented in a creepy perverts house.

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Muscle Babe Suspended

Tanned muscle babe is suspended in a few positions for a bondage photo shoot. She can not handle the positions long, but she looks good while being set up.

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Tied Nipple Orgasm Torment

Muscular escort Raquel is bound in a hard semi sitting position. Her panty covered pussy against the Hitachi taped to a pole. Even though her orgasms get painful after only one, she can not get her pussy off the vibrator because her nipples are tied to posts in front of her. Her painful facial expressions through her over sized ball gag never fail to make me hard.

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Kat’s Nipples

Shot for a custom video – mine. I always wanted to see how Kat reacts to being tightly bound and having her hyper sensitive nipples teased. This was the first session where her roommate, busty Mandy Taylor, does the honors of tormenting my fiery redhead.

Crystal Frost Bondage Model

Crystal Works The Pussy Rope

Sexy blue eyed blonde Crystal Frost strips and begs to be tied… tight. She ends up in a tight elbow crushing, tight crotchrope bondage predicament that makes her grunt thru her own pretty purple ball gag.

Girl Girl Tickling

Mandy Tickles Kat

The hyper ticklish redhead is tormented at the hands of her busty brunette friend. Kat is bound so tight that she can only wiggle as she is tormented.

Suicide Girl Bondage Orgasm

Suicide Girl Cums

Spread Eagle, gagged and helpless Suicide Girl Endures multiple orgasms at the hands of a creepy pervert. She cant escape the vibrations because her pierced nipples are tied to the vibrator

Suicide Girl Bondage

Suicide Girl Whipped

Young Suicide Girl Bound and whipped and made to cum.