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We had a great day shooting. Sexy MILF fitness model stretching and posing in the bright sunshine. Tight workout clothes accentuating her toned tight body. At the end of the day back at his condo he asks her to favor him with a quick bondage shoot at sunset. She is comfortable with him and says, “Why Not?”. Little did the photographer know that she loves being restrained. Both are in for a surprise and beings a long session that stretches well past sunset.

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Redhead MILF. Extremely ticklish. Teased and tickled all over, focusing on her breasts and pierced nipples. Much thrashing and screaming and bitching ensues.

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Anna tickles Kat’s lovely pussy and teases the hell out of her. Kat has an orgasm when I tickle her pussy POV style as Anna teases, licks and tickles the sensual redhead’s breasts.

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Morning bondage foreplay is something I truly enjoy. Meira was more than ready. Bound, gagged, blindfolded, straddling the Hitachi, I whisper in her ear that I am going to slowly stroke myself and enjoy her while I shoot this session. She will not be released nor the vibrator turned off until I cum. After some time, I tie and stretch her nipples with weights to add to her sexual teasing. The sensual Italian artist does one of the most sexy dances on the Hitachi. I remove the blindfold and she watches me finish, her cumming hard at the exact same time.

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Anna seems to take real joy in tickling the incredibly ticklish feet of a bound and screaming Kat.

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