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I shoot real and intimate scenes from my own personal fantasies. Nothing that I shoot is staged. My website content is my own personal interpretation of BDSM foreplay. Each shoot is negotiated based on the sexual desires and professional comfort of the model. I prefer intimate sexual contact, all negotiated. First time models are welcome to bring an escort, but the escort (preferably female) must be aware of the intimate play that will be happening. Upon request I can have a bisexual female assistant with me who is a model that has played with me before.

I shoot out of my upscale condo in a safe urban area. I meet all models prior to our session at an upscale downtown restaurant to discuss limits and what will be done during the shoot / session. We return there after our shoot and you may join me for dinner if you so desire. My shoots are very casual so I would prefer non clock watchers and women that truly enjoy my style of play.

Pay is competitive with adult video producers that employ similar styles to mine. All pay rates are based on the type of content shot, the amount of intimate contact, and the model’s experience and name recognition. My shooting play sessions are 2 to 4 hours including our pre shoot meeting. I do have models sign a release and a receipt for cash payment. Be aware that I do issue 1099 for tax purposes if your yearly pay goes over the federal threshold, so I keep each shoots pay just under that limit and adjust the hours we shoot based on that pay and the content we shoot.

My sites:

The Bondage Channel

predicament bondage, flogging, intimate bdsm, crotchropes, multiple orgasms in bondage, orgasm limits tested.

The Tickle Channel

sensual tickling, predicament bondage with tickling, tease and orgasm denial, nipple tickling, nipple play orgasms, pussy and clit tickling, tickling orgasms.


fit, athletic, or muscular models for bikini, nude workout, nude fitness, erotic nude, solo masturbation, athletically challenging bondage, and light bondage with toys

The Handjob Channel

sensual handjobs, bondage handjob, predicament handjobs, intimate b/g contact, bondage blowjobs

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