Workout Partner Orgasm Predicament

They go up to his room after working out in the hotel’s fitness room. “What is this thing?” she asks, seeing the weird metal pipe stand in the corner of his room. “A challenge for you.” he says, lifting up the handcuffs. “Up for a little wager?”. She reaches for the handcuffs with a gleam in her eye. An hour later, drenched in sweat. Toned, tan, legs trembling as she struggles to stand on tip toe. Her meaty swollen labia grazing the Hitachi. She has had enough. She wants to fuck him. She can’t tell him because of her sweaty panties stuffing her mouth. The weights swing from clamps biting into her hard nipples. She glares at him with wide eyes as another orgasm rips through her. He smiles at his toned busty boss. “These business trips get better every time” he thinks, stroking himself slowly, watching her struggle.