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Flexible Wenona Bondage

Wenona is led into the dungeon and made to perform feats of flexibility. She performs a cheerleader leg split onto a red dildo. Bound strappado, whipped and given orgasms while in the stretch. Wenona showing six pack abs and incredible flexibility, glistening in sweat as she is dominated to orgasm.

Housewives Tied and Cumming

Housewife friends bound in kitchen chairs, Hitachi Magic wands buzzing between their legs. Their huge boobs shake as they cum hard, moaning and drooling through their golf ball gags. The brunette is soon tormented, her pussy burning from the heat of the wand. The redhead seems to be enjoying this helpless torment. Their captor taunts them as he jerks his cock, knowing he will leave them after he cums until their husbands find them in the evening.

Wenona Stretched

Wenona’s tan toned body was made for stretching. Bound wrists over head, high heeled legs spread wide. Stretched to the max thanks to a crotchrope digging deep between her pussy lips. She is fondles, groped, gagged, clothes pinned and given orgasms by her lover. Real bondage foreplay with the bondage fitness model.

Tattoo Submissive Orgasm Predicament

She struggles once again on tip toe as another orgasms rips through her tatted pussy. Her calves are screaming, her thighs are sore but her pussy is even more sore. She has been struggling after countless orgasms. She cant take any more, yet he sits there, stroking his cock. watching. She is ready to take care of that just so she can stop this torment, but he sips his drink. watching. She cums yet again and on tormented toes she goes.

She Giggles When She Cums

Bound, gagged, blindfolded. Hair, nipples, wrists bound. She is allowed to keep her panties on for now, but they will not stop the intense vibrations of the Wand between her legs. She giggles and struggles as she cums.

Redheads Cum Hard

This redhead has to be gagged tight and strapped to the pole even more tightly. When the Hitachi is buried in her pussy using the dildo attachment, she shakes so violently when she cums that she nearly tears apart the frame she is bound to. Her huge pierced nipples swell as she tries to fight off another painful orgasm, but to no avail. He slowly strokes himself watching her cum, knowing she will be too worm out to stop him from fucking her when she is taken down from the pole.

Impaled. Vibrated. Whipped

Young Blonde Bound in a standing spread eagle, fucking the dildo pole invading her. The dildo works deep in her with the Hitachi taped to the pole. She fucks herself to orgasm as she is whipped hard. Slut.

Jerk Me Off To Stop The Torture

A nude, tan, toned, Bella Ink cums over and over with the Hitachi tied to her pussy, the dildo attachment buried deep inside her. When her orgasms become too much for her to handle, I drop my pants and she jerks me off for her orgasm torment to be over. She begs me to orgasm very well.

Toothbrush Clit Cleaning

A nude, tan, toned, Bella Ink is teased and pussy tickled with a vibrating feather and a toothbrush before made to cum with the pink vibrator.

Captured From the Library

She was so wrapped up in thinking about her studies that she did not see him coming as she left the library. Now she is gagged, bound, nude and struggling over this huge vibrator between her legs. The bastard left her glasses on to watch him jerk off in front of her. She struggles not to orgasm to satisfy him, but the vibrations feel good. Her hair is a mess. Her toned abs tight. Her nipples get tied and stretched. She closes her eyes as the feeling starts deep inside her. She is going to cum.