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Black Escort Unwanted Orgasms

Drool and sweat pour down the face and tits of the helpless and tightly strapped black escort that would not eagerly do the things to my cock that I wanted. Some quality time first with the eroscillator and then the celebrator vibrators taped between her legs has softened her. After many orgasms from the powerful clit centered vibrations, she is begging to do everything that I paid her for in the first place. But her orgasms have become so painful that I may just keep her like this for a little while longer.

Muscle Babe On Her Toes

Raquel balances on tip toe and dances on her muscular legs to escape the vibrations of the Hitachi that is mounted on a tripod. Even though she is wearing panties, her large, hyper sensitive clit can not stand constant vibrations. This is not an orgasmic predicament. This is pure hell for her, so much so that she nearly bites through her big red ball gag. I make her watch me jerk off before I even think of releasing her.

Redhead Tickle Orgasms

Crystal Frost grabs the Hiatchi after teasing and making red orgasm from a feather tickling her pink pussy. Now her pink pussy is going to be very red and swollen after multiple Hitachi orgasms followed by intense tickling. This scene ends with me taking the wand and you see the last couple orgasms POV. I use the wand and Crystal tickles her. Intense screaming even with her panties stuffing her mouth.

Violent Shaking MILF Bondage Orgasms

Tanned MILF Danni strains on tip toes, trying to stay off the buzzing Hitachi. After being handcuffed to the weird bondage frame in the hotel room and as her mouth is stuffed and taped, she is told that she will be there at least an hour. She knows she cums fast, so she fights to not cum as long as she can. Even though her legs are muscular, she eventually tires and the thrashing, violent orgasms start. The squirt pours out under the hitachi and her eyes roll above the mouth filling tape gag.

She Grunts Like An Animal

Fit, tan, MILF grunts like an animal and screams thru her huge black ball gag as she is instructed to cum or else suffer longer. After cumming a few times, the Hitachi is turned on high and she is left. Watch her incredible eyes as she wears down from the amount of orgasms and trying to keep her tones legs off the Hitachi, only to go back down and grind again to another intense orgasm.

You Will Be Here Awhile

Fit, tan, MILF stops to do a massage session and ends up bound and gagged with the Hitachi secured tight against her hairless pussy. She tries hard to not orgasm, as her captor tells her that she will be bound there for hours. The horny MILF keeps getting close, her grunts become more animal like. Her muscles tight.

Shannon Kelly Orgasm Predicament

Big tit large nipple toned tanned redhead bondage star Shannon Kelly is bound riding the Hitachi. With her wrists bound behind her head, she must use her muscular legs to rise up off the vibrator and control her own orgasms.

Nyssa’s Painful Orgasms

Asian Nyssa Nevers is inescapably bound to my frame in rope. Gagged tight, first with mouth packing and tape and then a huge black ball gag, allowing drool to merge with sweat on her breasts. Tears form in her eyes as she pink hyper sensitive clit rests on the Hitachi. Every orgasms becomes more painful and tears form in her eyes as she screams. The dances she does to try to escape the vibrations make this one of the best orgasm bar predicament videos I have ever shot.

Randy Moore Orgasm Predicament

Marie Valentine aka Randy Moore Rides my orgasm bar predicament

Tied Nipple Orgasm Dance

My stripper friend thought it would be hot to have control taken from her and get a few orgasms from the Hitachi Magic Wand. She didn’t plan on her mouth being stuffed with her cum soaked panties. She also did not plan on her large nipples tied , weighted, and stretched with thin string. She dances on high heels , cumming many times. When she tried to escape the vibrator, her ankles are tied together and her heels are removed. She struggles on tip toe but she can not escape the vibrations. She learns that some orgasms can hurt.