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Drain Candle’s Boxxx

Bound nude over the Hitachi, bondage star Candle Boxxx has so many squirting and cum dripping orgasms that she goes into a trance like state.

Tan Cheerleader Vibrator Torment

Nude cheerleader moans through her ball gag as the Hitachi buzzes away against her pussy. Her tan toned muscles strain for hours as she fights with all her might to not give her captor the satisfaction of watching her orgasm. Her eyes close tight, not bearing to watch him stroking his cock. She is disgusted but the vibrations feel so good.

Two Women Cumming

Red endures multiple orgasms, going on her toes often to control them while Kat grinds and adjusts, trying hard to cum. Kat eventually works herself to two orgams and soon both women are on tip toe trying to avoid more vibrations on their sensitive pussies. Two women make this predicament twice as hot.

Damsel In Real Distress

Dancer Bella Ink is bound in my living room wearing the outfit she wore at her last go go dancing gig. She writhes on my floor bound head to toe in leather straps. This damsel is in real distress when I fill her pussy with a 7 inch remote controlled vibrator, crotchrope it in under her bikini bottoms, and thread crotchrope through her gag down to her ankles to make a brutal hogtie.

Hairy Bush Pussy Tickled

MILF’s cum soaked panties taped in her mouth. Cumming hard from the feathers tickling her labia and clit.

Murderer Captured

Less than 2 years after this video was shot, Amamda Logue was in prison convicted of second degree murder. Here she is a married bondage model having multiple orgasms in my studio.

Wet Panties From Tickling

Legs bound spread wide, revealing panties that are obviously very wet. Watch the wet spot get larger as the bound blonde MILF is given multiple nipple orgasms.

Italian Girl Nipple Orgasms

Sexy Italian domme Jade Indica squirms in tight leather straps as her large, pierced nipples endure a constant assault by my hands and toothbrush vibrators giving her multiple mini orgasms as she grinds her shaved pussy on the seat. The vibrator is moved to her large pussy lips and clit and she gets more than her fill of orgasms.

Orgasms During Tickling

I use the Hitachi. Kat tickles. A helpless MILf can scream very loud even though her mouth is stuffed with her own panties. We though we hear her say no in between orgasms, but we were not sure.

Kat Fucks Wenona

Wenona bound nude, bent over by her nipples tied down. Kept in position by a rope around her neck. Drools through her ball gag as Kat fucks her hard with a strap on.