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Tight Muscles In Orgasm

A short but very intense ride as this muscular MILF tries to stay on her toes to keep from cumming. We had a long day shooting and as soon as she felt the Hitachi for the very first time, she knew she would not last long. Watching her corded legs is a real joy throughout this clip. After a few intense orgasms, her face goes ashen, she won’t last much longer.

Kneeling On a Dildo

Strapped on her knees, Sucking on a penis gag attached to the pole she is bound to. Impaled on a Hitachi dildo attachment buried deep in her cunt. Ass red from multiple whippings. Clothespins sticking straight off the tips of her long nipples. sweat beading on her forehead. This slit is on for a long ride or multiple orgasm torment.

Sensual Italian Girl Bound Cumming

Morning bondage foreplay is something I truly enjoy. Meira was more than ready. Bound, gagged, blindfolded, straddling the Hitachi, I whisper in her ear that I am going to slowly stroke myself and enjoy her while I shoot this session. She will not be released nor the vibrator turned off until I cum. After some time, I tie and stretch her nipples with weights to add to her sexual teasing. The sensual Italian artist does one of the most sexy dances on the Hitachi. I remove the blindfold and she watches me finish, her cumming hard at the exact same time.

Impaled On A Dildo Pole

Charlotte Brooke loves being tied inescapably and challenged in predicaments. Gagged with her own panties. Stretched out in a basement. Dildo pole deep in her pussy. Hitachi taped to the pole, making her cum over and over again. Her high heels are removed and she deals with whipping, flogging, nipple clamps and intense orgasms while staying on tip toes as she takes the full length of the rubber cock. One of my more intense long BDSM scenes with a real pain and bondage slut.

Kendra James Hour Of Orgasms

Redhead domme Kendra James is strapped in tight, gagged even more tight with different ball gags, and endures an hour straddling the Hitachi on the orgasm bar predicament. If you, as I, enjoy the unique orgasm cadence of the strong willed superstar, you get more than you fill, and so does Ms. James. The Hitachi takes her well past her orgasm limits

Briella Jaden Tickle Orgasms

Kat gives Briella multiple orgasms with the Hitachi and tickling her after each orgasm. We finish her off POV style as I hold the Hitachi while Kat tickles the panty gagged blonde’s ribs and breasts.

Angelica Vamp Orgasm Bar

Busty British blonde and Insex model Angelica Vamp is gagged with her own worn panties and strapped to a pole with the hitachi secured against her pussy. When her heels are removed she must raise on her toes to escape the vibrations. When the orgasms become painful she goes on her toes. Her legs eventually tire and she must endure painful orgasms as I taunt her.

Black Escort Unwanted Orgasms

Drool and sweat pour down the face and tits of the helpless and tightly strapped black escort that would not eagerly do the things to my cock that I wanted. Some quality time first with the eroscillator and then the celebrator vibrators taped between her legs has softened her. After many orgasms from the powerful clit centered vibrations, she is begging to do everything that I paid her for in the first place. But her orgasms have become so painful that I may just keep her like this for a little while longer.

Muscle Babe On Her Toes

Raquel balances on tip toe and dances on her muscular legs to escape the vibrations of the Hitachi that is mounted on a tripod. Even though she is wearing panties, her large, hyper sensitive clit can not stand constant vibrations. This is not an orgasmic predicament. This is pure hell for her, so much so that she nearly bites through her big red ball gag. I make her watch me jerk off before I even think of releasing her.

Redhead Tickle Orgasms

Crystal Frost grabs the Hiatchi after teasing and making red orgasm from a feather tickling her pink pussy. Now her pink pussy is going to be very red and swollen after multiple Hitachi orgasms followed by intense tickling. This scene ends with me taking the wand and you see the last couple orgasms POV. I use the wand and Crystal tickles her. Intense screaming even with her panties stuffing her mouth.