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Wenona Orgasm Predicament

A very lean and toned Wenona is bound to a pole with the Hitachi between her legs. She is whipped, her nipples are stretched and she cums multiple times before she breaks the electrical tape bondage with her strength.

Blonde Chair Bound Predicaments

Cute bisexual blonde is stripped, chair bound, groped, and teased by the old bald guy. He makes her cum with the hitachi thru her panties, then gags her with them. He binds her to the hair, pulls her up by a crotchrope, leaves her bound to the chair with the Hitachi before returning to make her cum yet again. Her eyes say it all. She loves every minute of the bondage and bdsm foreplay!

Painful Squirting Orgasms

Sexy tan and tatted MILF thrashes and screams as her sensitive pierced clit is toyed with by the toothbrush vibrators. After a couple of orgasms she is too sensitive for the hitachi, but she squirts hard before becoming hyper sensitive and the vibrations are pure hell. Listen to her scream and beg so sweet. Tears form in her eyes. So sweet.

Big Nipple Redhead Painful Orgasms

Bound in a standing spread eagle. Sweat glistening as she shakes to yet another painful orgasm. This toned redhead with huge pierced nipples has multiple intense orgasms while helpless tied to the vibrator.