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Controlled Via Cam

My pet, the sexy blonde fetish star Princess Ember Skye gives me a private show from her room via Skype. She strips, uses chopstick style clamps on her nipples and pussy. Spanks and paddles her puissy. I instruct her to gag herself with the panties she wore. She gives herself multiple orgasms with the hitachi and dildo. I told her once the hitachi leaves her clit I cut off the session. That is why this clip ends abruptly, but not until she is fully used up.

Kendra James Impaled Orgasms

Kendra James is bound kneeling, impaled on the Hitachi’s dildo attachment. She has no chance to escape the multiple orgasms. She cums thru whippings, a drool ball gag, and harsh nipple clamps. I enjoy controlling the strong willed domme and equally enjoy her unique orgasm cadence.

Impaled On A Dildo Pole

Charlotte Brooke loves being tied inescapably and challenged in predicaments. Gagged with her own panties. Stretched out in a basement. Dildo pole deep in her pussy. Hitachi taped to the pole, making her cum over and over again. Her high heels are removed and she deals with whipping, flogging, nipple clamps and intense orgasms while staying on tip toes as she takes the full length of the rubber cock. One of my more intense long BDSM scenes with a real pain and bondage slut.

Angelica Vamp Bound N Tortured

Sexy British blonde bound, whipped, nipple clamped and made to orgasm multiple times. Seems her clit gets real sensitive and each orgasm is a thrashing hell. Watch the weighted nipple clamps swing her nice tits real hard as she cums.

Hotel Hard Bondage Session

Thin, leggy, A cup escort arrives at my hotel room for a session. She is bound in a leather armbinder, bent strappado, a vibrating egg held deep in her pussy by a tight crotchrope. Suction cups get her nipples hard and sensitive for clover clamps. She is flogged hard. Flogged while the Hitachi is used on her. The session ends with multiple orgasms, the last two happen as each nipple clamp is painfully pulled off at the height of each orgasm.

Clamps Nipples Weighted Clit Piercing

Found in my early private play archives. An escort bound in a standing spread eagle. Nude save for high heels. Gagged with her own panties. Clover clamps with strings stretch her nipples up. A pocket rocket vibrator tied to her clit piercing stretches her clit down.

Anna Teases Briella

Anna Maria teases and bound, ball gagged and spread very wide Briella Jaden. Briella’s dancer leg muscles are popping as she is teased to the edge of orgasm by my sexy blonde pet.

Kendra James Crotchroped

Bondage redhead superstar finds herself struggling bound on her knees, her sexy panty covered butt being whipped before it is pulled away from the post binding her by a brutally tight crotchrope, even tighter are the clover nipple clamps pinching and stretching her pink nipple from the strings pulling at the clamps. Adding to her torment is the hitachi teasing and tickling her from behind. Even her orgasms are painful as each nipple clamp is removed at the height of both orgasms.

Ruthless Painful Orgasms

Young college girl bound to a pole in the old pervert’s spare room. Gagged with her own cum soaked panties and brutally held in with electric tape. Riding a huge vibrator taped to a bar. Her pussy grinds against it until she goes on tip toes. She can not stay that way long. She screams through her gag as another painful orgasm rips through her. She is too sensitive. It hurts bad. Her nipples are sore from suction cups and clamps. Whip marks cross her small breasted chest. Her eyes roll as he enters the room to torment her some more.

Electric Play Orgasm Control

TopGrl Sister Dee’s nipples are on fire. clamped with TENS nipple clamps with the unit on a low tingle. she is pole bound, her pussy riding a metal bar. She is given a set amount of time to work herself to an orgasm by grinding against the bar. when she fails, the TENS is cranked up one notch. we get to 8 before she starts begging through her gag for her vibrator toy. she gets to orgasms from her vibrator, but her nipples are shocked at full power at each orgasms, leaving her screaming, drooling, sweating and completely spent. One of my all time favorite predicament scenes with an incredible pain slut and submissive.